Two desperados cap on an empty server to rank up

The ranking system on the AUSTRAL One shot server gives you maximum points when you cap the flag. Keeping a >1 kill to death ratio and plenty of caps is the way to the top of the leader board. I maintained my position on the number 1 for quite a long time. Just a couple of days before the top players of the month was announced, Major-Ass and Honda went downright crazy and started playing day and night. They played on an empty server too and kept capping until they reached the top.

Now this is what I call true despotism. See for yourself.

Desperados of the month

From what we know, Ratman is working on an improvised ranking system which we are expecting soon. Let us hope the end product is good enough.

So good, they want to get rid of me :#

Soldat has been a part of my life since 2005. Not a day has gone by without me killing a bunch of faggits and soldat niggas. I think that would be the case with almost everyone who is still playing today.

During the first few weeks of me discovering the game, offline mode was the only thing I played. I enjoyed p00ntering a bunch of boogie men with my n00b m79. Then I discovered the online mode and life changed for good. A funky server named Megamod was one of my favourites for a very long time. With the funky mod where the m79 behaved like a mp5 was a drug for everyone over there. Unfortunately, the server closed and I was left in search for something nice. I played on Leo’s meanwhile.

Finally, I came across this Hexer mod which changed my life for good. I met a lot of great people across the world. If I remember correctly, Hexer mod popularized the idea of account system for saving in-game stats. I went by the name “Nuclearrambo” at that time for years to come. Avarax, Danmer, Neosano, Atredes, Orava, UpnPAD, Carl, are some of the names I remember off my mind. But obviously there were a lot more fun people I shared my time with during Hexer days. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and so did Hexer. With EnEsCe’s server scam, the hexer server faced serious issues and that was the beginning of the end.

Zabijaka servers and a bunch of random zombie servers became my go to place for a couple of years. It was no fun talking to a bunch of poles that either talked in polish or didn’t talk at all. Poles are what I call true “desperado” soldateers.

One day, I decided to try out the One shots server. It was an enjoyable experience. The best part was people actually “talked” in-game on various interesting topics such as weed, relationships, politics, etc. After a long period of silence, I was finally talking to people.

Soon, players started to hate me  because I have,

Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

I have to admit, One shots server is a TRUELY LIBERAL server that respects freedom of speech. I think I should stop at this. If you find me in-game, you will know what I mean by this. Just remember, what I speak in-game, is only for fun and games and I leave it at that.

Check out some images that showcase my skills acquired over a 10+ year soldat career. In CHAINSAW GUY’s words, I could be called “A true soldat professional“.


Soldat isn’t dead, you are!

Hello everyone from OneShots server and everybody else from Soldat game. This site will hopefully be a new community place for soldat players. We created this site to have a new soldat community, to have fun and to help revive soldat. I saw a guy while playing with a name Soldat isn’t dead, you are!

Maybe that’s true. But the facts are that we have lots of servers and only about five active. That’s not a lot. I remember when Soldat was really active, having lots of players on lots of servers. We also need skillfull players like <~ZOD~> who will step up the Soldat game.

We need to step up our game and take Soldat gaming seriously. Master that shots, maps and moves to step up the game. When we step up the game the quality will increase and every map will be a battlefield. Also, haven’t seen clans at all on Soldat. I remember in the past Soldat was really awesome, with bunch of players and clans. Nowadays, small amount. Nevertheless, we need to be happy and satisfied with what we’ve got. Less is more.

I’m inviting everyone who is willing to help Soldat to join this site.

Here’s a picture of ShioN saying some positive words.


So, people, Soldat players, let’s come together and make Soldat great again, make a community of Soldat players where we can discuss, argue, about everything Soldat related.

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