A campy day to piss people off

Every once in a while we all feel like just sitting in one place and killing the heck out of everyone effortlessly. That’s known as camping in other words. So, I felt like just camping the heck out of the map.

As we all know, people get pissed off because of campers and words like “noob” get spewed quite fluently. If things get heated too much, it may even lead to the camper getting kicked. Surprisingly, nothing like that happened while I took my position in the bushes.

Noobality, Programisius, Raging Bull and Major kept getting pwned in front of my sniper no matter how hard they tried to destroy me. May be they could have succeeded if they took position on higher ground beyond my range of sight. Apparently, they all were noobs or too bored to do that. I hope that if they read this, don’t get offended because those who know me will always remember the amount of crap I spew in game.

I made sure to capture all of my bush-wanking action on video and here I present that video evidence before you. Sorry for the crappy edit. I had only half an hour to get it ready.

The usual camp bush on ctf_Laos was thick before 1.7 version got out. It looks like it has been pruned by the faggot lawn keepers making it a less camper friendly. I hope the bush grows back in the Soldat 1.8 release. Nevertheless, it is a nice location to spwn kill the bravos and earn some 150+ meter kills.

…and to all those wondering, this action took place on our beloved AUS7RAL one shot server.

Hope to find your faggot nigger ass in the game (Thats how I roll, toughen up if you got offended, BIOTCH)

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