Soldat isn’t dead, you are!

Hello everyone from OneShots server and everybody else from Soldat game. This site will hopefully be a new community place for soldat players. We created this site to have a new soldat community, to have fun and to help revive soldat. I saw a guy while playing with a name Soldat isn’t dead, you are!

Maybe that’s true. But the facts are that we have lots of servers and only about five active. That’s not a lot. I remember when Soldat was really active, having lots of players on lots of servers. We also need skillfull players like <~ZOD~> who will step up the Soldat game.

We need to step up our game and take Soldat gaming seriously. Master that shots, maps and moves to step up the game. When we step up the game the quality will increase and every map will be a battlefield. Also, haven’t seen clans at all on Soldat. I remember in the past Soldat was really awesome, with bunch of players and clans. Nowadays, small amount. Nevertheless, we need to be happy and satisfied with what we’ve got. Less is more.

I’m inviting everyone who is willing to help Soldat to join this site.

Here’s a picture of ShioN saying some positive words.


So, people, Soldat players, let’s come together and make Soldat great again, make a community of Soldat players where we can discuss, argue, about everything Soldat related.

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